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Security Deposit

Security Deposits are returned to you within thirty days after vacating.  Houses will be inspected at the end of your lease term.  House inspectors will review items listed in the Move-Out Procedures and assess the overall condition of the unit.  All units will be reviewed and reported on and a final report will be mailed to you within thirty days of your vacating.  Please note that all keys must be returned or you will be charged for every key.  If you have not received your security deposit, within the thirty days, please contact our office.

Your Security Deposit is held in an interest bearing account.

Reports, detailing any damages or cleaning needed upon final inspection, will be sent to the guardian of the lease. Questions or disputes can be sent to us via email at

Payment Installments

You will have two payments to make to Bald Eagle Housing.  One is made on July 1st and the second is made on December 1tst.  Please make sure that your payments are received by these dates or a late fee will be added to your installment payment.  Thank you for paying on time.




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